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Milus Reach is a cursed and dangerous ruin, but to the few brave and strong enough to defeat its ancient inhabitants - Milus Reach holds treasures and power beyond anyone's dreams. Frost takes inspiration from retro action-adventure games of the past, and features many areas to explore, unique weapons and equipment, piles of treasure to find, and magic rings that change how you play the game.

This will be the final demo for Frost before release! Leave me a message here, tumblr, or twitter if you have any feedback!


Arrow Keys: Movement/Navigate Menus

Z: Interact/Talk/Read Signs (In menu: Equip ring / inspect collectible)
X: Use weapon in slot 1 (In menu: Equip weapon in slot 1)
C: Use weapon in slot 2 (In menu: Equip weapon in slot 2)
V: Quick Equip/Unequip Ring

Enter: Menu




Known Issues:

If you have an existing save from a previous demo, you may have to delete it for this to not crash. Your saves are located in "C:\Users\ *username* \AppData\Local\Frost". Delete the "saveX.ini" files and you should be good to go.


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